Worldline Demo 1.1 Released

Thank you everybody that has given us feedback or found bugs! I've gone ahead and fixed any bugs that were found, and also made a few small changes based on that feedback.

Here's a list of all the changes:

  • Added a warning message for the highest difficulty. I did this because I found a lot of players saying something like, "I AM AN EPIC AND HARDCORE GAMER, I ALWAYS PICK THE HIGHEST DIFFICULTY," but then they would get confused after dying in one hit.
  • Enemies no longer "break out" of being slowed upon taking too much damage. This was supposed to be a feature in the first release, but due to a bug, it wasn't implemented.
  • Lowered the speed at which you need to double click in order to skip dialog, as to reduce the amount of times people were accidentally skipping dialog.
  • Made it to where some dialog will not get corrupted during high
    corruption so the player can actually read it. This was often a problem during scripted sequences where corruption was high intentionally.
  • Removed the overlay from enemies that have broken out of a time effect to better indicate that they have.
  • Altered the appearance of the fast-forward trail, and added the same trail the player has to enemies, to make it more obvious that they are fast-forwarded.
  • Fixed an issue with a freezing scripted sequence, and also added some fallback functionality where scripted sequences will automatically end if anything goes wrong during its execution, which is a lot better than the whole game just freezing.
  • Fixed the pause essence wells during the first two tutorials filling up inexplicably slowly.
  • Fixed text on the pause menu getting truncated on certain resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where if the "Reset to Default" button was clicked on the options menu, the volume sliders would appear in the wrong places.
  • Enemies no longer make hurt sounds under some circumstances when they were getting hit with something dealing damage, but no damage was actually dealt (for example, when the enemy is a recording.)

Not sure if we'll be releasing another build or not before the end of the Kickstarter, but of course, if you find any issues or want to give us any feedback, I'll be sure to get to working on it!


Worldline Demo (Win x64 Release 1.1).zip 241 MB
Sep 19, 2019

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